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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. We are a corporate strategy firm focusing business plan consultancy services, business strategies, strategic risk assessments and corporate research.All our services are provided by qualified professionals in the fields of finance and management strategy, entrepreneurship, ICT and marketing. We hope to work with your team in meeting your corporate objectives.

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For applied research and publication services please click the above image. Afregarde Research offers research designing, data analysis and policy and strategy research services as well as statistical and bio-statistical support services.

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For academic and professional editing and research services please visit us on editlink.co.za

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Do you prefer a DIY approach to business plan and financial projections drafting? If yes, you need to try a LivePlan Business Plan. This is very helpful and cost-effective for businesses and NPOs that write several business plans and /or funding proposals per month.

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We have a marketing relationship with Sage Global and are confident in recommending business and accounting systems and software from Sage to SMEs, corporates and NPOs.

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