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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. We are a strategy, research and publications consultancy firm serving the African market. We value the power of systematic research in unlocking opportunities and solving problems in the public administration, social, economic and business fields for the benefit of African societies. We hope to work with you in your next project.

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Afregarde is a social entrepreneurial team specialising in supporting evidence-based practices across political, social, business, economic and scientific disciplines. We support the generation of objective knowledge that can be used in improving the quality of decision-making on problems and challenges existing in Africa. We believe in the power of qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodologies to provide applied research outcomes that minimise the use of unsubstantiated popular beliefs, trial and error, guesswork and non-factual directive approaches in decision-making. Through the collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of statistical, mathematical, econometric and qualitative data using known best practices and systems, we enhance the private and public sector entities’ probability of implementing efficient, effective and sustainable strategies, policies, programs and actions.

In addition to applied research, we provide writing, editing and publication services. We believe that research output has a greater impact if and when it is professionally and skilfully published for the targeted audience. We offer 360-degree assistance and support to NPOs, academia, business and governments – locally and regionally.

For academic and professional editing and research services please visit us on editlink.co.za

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We believe in Africa as a continent of unlimited opportunities. We believe in the power of research, policy, strategies and programmes that are sustainably channelled towards ending the continent’s challenges and unlocking opportunities for its people.

The continent’s challenges include poverty, unemployment, inequality, political and social instability, hate, climate change, health and hunger. As strong as these might seem, we believe that their solutions are in the people. It is therefore important to engage societies through research and to extract feasible and sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

Principal Consultant, Afregarde Strategies

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