Business Plans

Afregarde Strategies has the capacity to prepare various types of business plans compliant with the requirements of the South African financial markets. We prepare Business Plans for:

  • Start-ups
  • Business Expansions
  • Franchising
  • Joint Ventures
  • Venture Capital/Angel Financing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Product Development
  • Agribusiness

Business plan support services:

  • Financial models
  • Cash flow projections/forecasts
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Economic Reports
  • Demographic Reports
  • Tender application proposals


Business Plan and Project Proposal Research

As highlighted earlier, various types of research are undertaken in creating valuable, credible and trustworthy information for business plans, business proposals and project plans. PESTEL research is generally the umbrella of this research. Industry and company specific researches include:

Market Research

This focuses on information relating to the buying patterns associated with a product or service. This includes the market size, market location, market segments within it, market demographics and expectations amongst others. Information from this research is presented under the marketing chapter of a business plan.

Industry Research

Industry Research is important in business plan drafting. It provides information relating to the peers of the particular company and the industry environment within which they interact. Common industry research interests include: industry size, competition, industry trends, SWOT analysis, industry key success factors, industry growth rates, industry seasonality amongst others.

Operations Research

The focus of Operations Research is to provide adequate data for the operations and technical sections of a business plan. These include industry technology, systems and processes and operational resources that are necessary for the successful implementation of a business plan.

Custom researches may be necessary in custom business plans that may require a different informational and presentation angle.


Business Plan Pricing

Like any other product or service, business plan prices are often reflective of the effort applied in writing them and the quality expected of the final document. While it is possible to get a professionally drafted business plan at very low prices, most lowly priced versions of these documents often mean that the quality of research, content and output is low. This is a very huge disadvantage in a competitive funding market. In a market characterised by few funders and infinite fund-seekers, the bar for business plan quality expectations is set at very high levels. Funders expect more convincing and substantiated detail to sway them towards funding a particular business plan. This challenges business planners to come up with high quality documents. These unfortunately may not always come at a low price because of various reasons.  These include:

  • The time in terms of hours spent preparing a business plan
  • The level of expertise required in coming up with a standard document
  • Operational costs associated with research, stationary and administration

These costs add to the final hour or flat fee charged for a business plan. This however does not mean that business plans have to be affordable. It simply means that clients need to hunt for the right-priced business plans that are prepared by qualified and experienced professionals.


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