NPO Grant-writing

npo grant-writing


Grants are a lifeline for most non-profit organisations in South Africa. They are a critical source of operational and capital expenditure that enable these organisations to carry out their mandates and drive towards their visions.

With so many organisations in existence and with fewer financiers relative to potential recipients the grants market has become quite competitive. Competition for funding amongst recipients of grants has in turn resulted in more vigorous screening processes by the funders.  Basically, the following complexities have increased grant-writing challenges for South African organisations:

  • The internationalisation of grants sources and processes
  • Increasing screening rigorousness due to funds misuse and abuse
  • Increasing competition amongst grant seekers
  • Donor and financier fatigue on some causes (especially those that appear to have no progress)

A new risk is that organisations that have the potential to positively reach out to thousands of South Africans can be screened out-not because  they do not have the capacity to work for the betterment of South African society,but simply because they fail to get through this competitive maze.

Afregarde Strategies assists NPOs sail through the fund seeking application processes. We provide support in the following areas:

  • Funding proposals assistance
  • Strategic planning and organisational capacity building
  • Impact assessment reports
  • Funding options analysis
  • Sustainability reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Capital and operational budgeting

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