Policy and Strategy Research

Afregarde Strategies offers professional research services in the business, economic, sociological and political disciplines. We offer both primary and secondary research services to institutional and corporate clients in and outside South Africa.

The multi-disciplinary nature of corporate and institutional research require a

Primary research                                                                                                  

This is fieldwork research where primary data is collected from specified targets, analysed, documented and reported.

This form of research includes

  • Market surveys
  • Impact assessment studies
  • Perception studies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cause and effect studies
  • Problem/opportunity analysis

Primary research services include both online research and conventional physical data collection.

Secondary Research

Secondary research involves the use of data already available in the market to analyse a given phenomenon. Secondary research is conducted through consulting reputable data sources and further verifying this data to enhance its integrity before it is applied to the client’s work.

Common secondary research output includes:

  • Literature reviews
  • Corporate and institutional publications
  • Business reports
  • Policy reports
  • Academic works
  • Articles and web content

Like all our services, these can be offered to South Africa directly from our offices in Gauteng or through online platforms.

For more information on primary and secondary research services please send an email to consultants@afregarde.co.za