SMME Grants and Incentives

Afregarde Strategies helps SMMEs to explore and comprehend the government grants and incentives market in South Africa. As of 2016, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and several other government departments ran over 26 grant and incentive schemes, most of them directed towards SMMEs. The challenges for SMMEs and other organisations in benefiting from business grants and incentives remain:

  • Lack of knowledge or limited knowledge about their existence
  • Challenges in complying with grant and incentive application pre-requisites
    • Business plan/Project proposal preparation
    • Financial reports and forecasting
    • Gathering all the required compliance documents
    • Application form completion
  • Failure to deal with complex application systems associated with most of the grants

Our team will enhance your chances of getting financed under various schemes including:

  • Agriculture grants and incentives
  • Rural development funding
  • Green energy incentives
  • Manufacturing enhancement grants
  • Tourism incentives and grants
  • Innovation and technology development incentives
  • Co-operatives’ grants
  • Social development incentives

These products are offered by various government departments to qualifying, competent businesses and organisations. They operate on a competitive funding basis with the most competitive, well presented submissions getting priority.

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